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Rolfing® is a comprehensive system of hands-on, connective tissue manipulation and movement education which releases stress patterns in the human organism. Rolfing's goal is that the client can move and function with greater freedom, and maintain a more upright posture.

Ida Rolf

Rolfing® results in a feeling of fitness and wholeness. People who have been Rolfed stand with more stability and less strain, breathe deeper and more easily, move with more naturalness and grace, and develop a wider range of self-expression.

The basic sequence of Rolfing® consists of ten sessions through which a new structural order and a more efficient movement pattern are developed.

The connective tissue network, or fascial net, unites the body in a set of relationships that are characteristic of a particular individual. Rolfing® practitioners work with the human structure through this fascial net, in such a way that the different parts move and fit together in an improved relationship to each other in the gravitational field.

The words Rolfing® and Rolfer® are service names of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration.

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